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Larry Dahlberg Joins Temple Fork Outfitters



Those of us who enjoy fly fishing – at least occasionally – know of some of the modern fly patterns that have elevated the sport beyond traditional cold water trout fishing.  Lefty’s Deceiver, the Clouser Minnow… the Dahlberg Diver arguably top the list.

Larry Dahlberg is equally well respected with conventional tackle as well.  Beyond fly fishing, his innovations range from hard bait and soft plastic designs to rod developments that have allowed him to successfully land every conceivable species of fish – both salt and freshwater – while pioneering game fishing opportunities around the globe.

“Like millions of anglers worldwide, I have followed Larry through his “The Hunt for Big Fish” television program now in its 23rd season.  He has fished every ocean and most major river systems in the world.  From his beginnings as a professional fishing guide at the age of 11, where he began guiding for Smallmouth Bass on the upper St. Croix river, to exploring Surinam for Wolf Fish, Larry has done it all.   He has both experienced and studied the environments and species that most of us can only dream about to the point that Lefty Kreh and many others claim that Larry is arguably the most knowledgeable all around angler in the world.  I agree and am proud to announce that he has joined the TFO Advisory Staff family.”

 Rick Pope
Temple Fork Outfitters

Larry shares our passion to help get more folks on the water and our belief that fishing elevates one’s awareness of our environment, helps us understand more about nature and generally makes us better people. He is committed to helping TFO design and offer affordable, high performance gear that will continue to represent value both to those getting started and to those who want to expand their fishing opportunities with both gear and fly tackle.  In addition to sharing his knowledge of fishing gear design and applications, Larry has agreed to assist in developing educational programs and to participate in TFO’s general business planning.  We are delighted and honored to have him join our team.

Jim Shulin

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