Add Pictures to Your Message in the Bulletin Board


To add pictures to your message in he Bulletin Board follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Browse" button to search the picture you want to add.

    A pop-up window to search files in your computer will display. Navigate your files and select the picture you want to add. You may add GIF, JPG and PNG graphic files.

    Your pictures must have names with alphanumeric characters (a...z and 0...9) and some other characters as dash, underscore or space. Avoid characters like at-sign, pound-sign, dollar-sign, etc.

  2. The complete path and name of the file you selected will be displayed in the field to the left of the Browse button.

  3. Optionally add a caption to your picture in the "Title" field bellow the Browse button.

  4. Click the "Add Picture" button.

  5. A message will display with either the name of the file that was added to the Bulletin Board or with a cause for error.

To add another picture, repeat from step 1. You may add up to 20 pictures to a a message in the Bulletin Board.

To stop adding pictures (or not to add a single one), click the "Stop Adding Pictures and Go Back to the Bulletin Board" link.


For better performance, it is highly recommended that the pictures you add to your post have the following characteristics:

  • Maximum width: 650 pixels.

  • Maximum height: 450 pixels.

  • Density: 72 dpi (dots per inch).

Within these parameters, your pictures will most probably be smaller than 150 KB. Larger, heavier pictures will take longer time for you to upload and for your readers to download and view.