Page Five


Bill Blanton with a nice Florida baby tarpon - a big baby tarpon...

Binky Casselberry with a nice Florida Keys tarpon


Bill Rhodes with a big Florida jack crevalle

David Dalu with a 30# permit

David Lee with a big bonefish

Eddie Bosomworth with a nice New Caledonia Bonefish

 Jon Snell with a nice Australia Mac Tuna

Jon Snell with an Australian Cale Cale trevally - a rare catch

Peacock bass Guide shows off a nice one caught on a FT Whistler

Richard Wright with a trophy peacock bass taken on fly

Randall Bryett with a big blue marlin taken on fly

Richard Wright and his 125 pound Pacific sailfish

Kenny Fisher with a whopper black drum taken on fly

Captain Rick De Pavia with a nice Florida red drum

Roger Case with a 20-pound delta striper

Tim Anderson with a 20-pound-plus delta striper

Tom Jeon displays a very nice Florida tripletail

Mark Sedoti took this big bluefin while fishing with Capt'n Joe LeClair