Dan Blanton’s Rigged ’N Ready Rod Bags"The Dan Blanton Rigged N' Ready soft rod bag, made from heavy duty Cordura, is intended to provide the angler, particularly the traveler, with a bag that easily allows a fully rigged rod with fly to be inserted inside. The bag does not provide the protection of a hard tube or other hard carrier and was never intended to. It doe's provide protection from rough handling, sun, dirt, sand, and from tangling with other rods. Because the bag is highly visible, accidental breakage of your rod is less likely. The padded reel pouch protects reels from being scratched, dented or contaminated with dirt or sand. Once the angler forms the habit of always breaking down the rod at fishing's end, returning the rigged rod to the bag, chances of damage to the outfit from handling, boat bouncing, or ceiling fans is markedly reduced.

Two or more rigged rods can be easily carried with one hand without fear of breakage, or tangling, particularly when walking through dense wooded areas. The D-ring allows the bag to be hung out of the way at day's end, and the clear card or label holder makes it easy to identify what's inside or who owns the bag. The bags also fits easily into most rod holders, or under gunnel braces, or they can just be stowed in a corner of the boat. If dropped overboard, the bag will float, even with a rod inside. When the rod is removed for action, the empty bag is easily stowed out of the way, something that is difficult or impossible to do with a hard rod tube. Guides and boat captains love them.

The bag will accommodate, two, three and four piece rods, and reel sizes up to a Tibor Gulfstream or equivilent - one size fits all.

Always make sure the tip section is pointed toward the reel and allow at least 6-inches of leader beyond the rod tip. Insert the broken down rod all the way into the bag, place fly in last and then adjust the excess rod sock to fit your rod's length using the Velcro strip. Here's a tip for inserting 3-piece rods into the bag: remove the middle section first and bring it straight down, female ferrule even with the rod butt. Next remove the tip section and reverse it, tip down and even with the rod but. Leave about 8 inches or more of leader extended beyond the tip. Insert all three sections and reel into the rod bag and place the fly in last. Seal the bag with the Velcro strip. Nothing to it!

Dan Blanton’s Rigged ’N Ready Rod BagsDirty rod bags are easily cleaned by placing them in your automatic dish washer, using regular dishwasher soap. They come out spotless and only need to hang dry.

Once you discover the Dan Blanton Rigged N' Ready Rod Bag, you'll find you'll be using it more than any other. They are a must for the traveling angler, folding flat and easily carried in your luggage. Even at home, I never take my regularly used outfits out of their bags, except for cleaning. My rods are always hanging, Rigged N' Ready - which means I'm several steps ahead of those who are not, and that equates to no wasted time in-motion, which means more hook-ups…

The Standard Dan Blanton Rigged 'N Ready Rod Bag retails for $42.00 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping; the Bluewater Rigged 'N Ready Rod Bag retails for $47.00 plus tax and shipping. The bags can be ordered directly from Dan Blanton. For more information, contact Dan Blanton by email. Dealer inquiries welcome.