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Great Inagua Bahamas Fly Fishing Trip 2012


Great Inagua, Bahamas 2012 By Lee Haskin      Back in 2008, I was excited to fish this amazing Bahamian island with my good friend, Walt Kleckley.         Inagua does not have the long, huge, ocean-side flats, typical of  … Continue reading

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The Red Meat Neutralizer Fly – the Story By Lee Haskin


  Lee Haskin at the vise where it all happens The Red Meat Neutralizer By Lee Haskin  Since the Neutralizer was first used on tarpon, back in 2004, I have considered other flats species that might be a match for … Continue reading

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Red Meat Neutralizer Fly – Tying Instructions – by Lee Haskin


  Red Meat Neutralizer – Orange   Note: The tying instructions/illustrations for the Red Meat Neutralizer-Orange, are exactly the same as the Red Meat Neutralizer Black-Gold, below. Simply substitute the material colors. Materials list Fly Type: Neutral Buoyancy Fly Style: Saltwater-especially for … Continue reading

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Sheefish by Lee Haskin


For many years I have wanted to catch sheefish, yet the rivers they inhabit always seemed light years away. There were so many unknowns about sheefish, or Inconnu, as they are called by native Alaskans, and I didn’t know where … Continue reading

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