New Airflo Lines for 2013

New AIRFLO Lines for 2013 
Tropical Sniper


When you need a cast to hit the target quickly in tough conditions, reach of the new Airflo Tropical Sniper line.  With a combination of an unusually aggressive front taper and compact length, the Tropical Sniper is the line of choice for anglers looking for easier distance with larger flies.
With it’s ridged construction and low stretch braided core Airflo lines resist tangling and set the hook better than any other lines on the planet.  Ridge lines resist UV and chemicals, making them more durable than lines made from PVC or other materials.  Looped at both ends for ease of use.  The head is clad in Ghost Grey to make the line disappear to the fish while allowing you to see it clearly against the color of the water.  The running line is a bright yellow for optimal tracking.  Available in both full floating or with a 12′ intermediate tip.  
WF8 to WF12.  $79.99
UltraSpey Line Set
Expanding on the success of all our other spey shooting heads the new Airflo UltraSpey introduces the versatility of a multi-tip shooting head system to anglers who prefer touch and go casts like the single spey and snake roll.  Developed by Eain Fairgrieve, a former world team speycasting champion and a full-time professional instructor, the UltraSpey Shooting Head System includes Airflo’s patented Ridge Running Line, two shooting heads (Floating & Floating/Intermediate) and five interchangeable tips (Floating, Intermediate, Sink 3, Sink 6, & Sink 8).
Constructed on our low-stretch core with an ultra-supple polyurethane coating, the complex taper of the UltraSpey assures maximum flight time with weighted flies and its length allows the caster to easily remove the head from the water prior to the next cast.  The new UltraSpey combines the versatility and convenience of a multi-tip shooting head system with the power and precision of touch-and-go casting.  Traditional spey casters have never had it so good. Available in 8/9, 9/10, and 10/11 sizes.  $269.99
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