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September 2012

Dear Fishy Friends,:

I am back from several interesting summer fishing adventures with glad tidings: Topher Browne’s splendid Atlantic Salmon Magic has won another international gold medal. Our latest Wild River Press creation was named top title in the Regional Non-Fiction Category by the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The announcement came at a special ceremony at the Rose Club at New York’s landmark Plaza Hotel.

 Atlantic Salmon Magic also won the Silver Medal Benjamin Franklin Award in the Sports and Recreation Category sponsored by the important Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest such organization in the world, based in California.

These latest awards follow earlier recognition of the exceptional literary effort penned by the talented man from Maine by United Fly Tyers as 2011 Book of the Year, and the 2012 Best Regional Non-Fiction Gold Medal by the Michigan-based Independent Publisher Book Awards. That’s four big ones–more than any book about salmon fishing has ever won. I know I speak for all fans of this big, bountiful book and the salmon and steelhead world when I say, “Congratulations, Topher!”

 Speaking of congratulations, if you are within striking distance of Seattle on Saturday, September 22, mark the date. Wild River Press extends a cordial invitation to you and a guest to attend a lively party with Topher that evening. Complimentary smoked salmon  and complementary beverages will be served. Topher and I will have just returned from summer steelhead fishing in British Columbia with tales to tell. Wish us luck. And make plans to join us for an enjoyable get-together with fishing friends old and new.

All the Best,

Thomas R. Pero


 P.  S. RSVP about our September 22 autumn equinox salmon soiree and we’ll send directions and time: tom@wildriverpress.com or 425-486-3638. All are welcome.



 If you cannot make our equinox party in person, when Topher visits Wild River Press later this month, the publisher promises to confiscate Browne’s traveling collection of 32 spey rods until he signs your copies of Atlantic Salmon Magic and 100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon. Boxes of mint copies will be  waiting for him. Simply order online (or telephone us with your credit card, including American Express) with the inscription you would like him to write.

 This is also an excellent opportunity to send a surprise gift to your fishing pal or favorite guide. And don’t forget the coming holidays, when author-signed copies of  books of this caliber are always a showstopper. Order them now and Topher will sign them for you.





   The mother of all Atlantic salmon rivers in North America is something of a well-kept secret. The Miramichi certainly has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most prolific rivers in all of salmon fishing. I meet very few anglers, however, who are also aware that the Miramichi is home to some spectacularly large Atlantic salmon. I have fished with three anglers who have landed, weighed and released salmon in excess of 40 pounds on the Miramichi. I know four other anglers who have landed salmon over 30 pounds on the Miramichi.

The latter part of September and the first two weeks of October seem to be the optimal time for big fish. Many of these large salmon are probably repeat spawners, entering the Miramichi shortly before the big party at the end of the season.

~Topher Browne


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