Scientific Anglers System X Nymph Box

“We took care of most trout anglers, and even touched some saltwater applications with the initial introduction of the System X fly boxes in 2004, “ said Scientific Anglers’ Del Kauss. “ The reaction and immediate popularity of these fly boxes was really surprising, and the main question was how about a box or insert for nymph fishing. We’ve taken an added step with both a specific waterproof nymph box, and a waterproof box for nymphs and dries for the angler who wants all types of flies in one box.”

The System X waterproof nymph box is designed with a foam insert sized for nymphs, plus a section to securely hold split shot and indicators. As with the original System X box, it opens on either side, has a see-through lid, and has a unique, tapered seal and soft rubber gasket to assure a watertight closure. “Moisture can’t get in so your flies stay dry, plus if you do happen to drop it, it will float high and dry,” Kauss said.  For more information go to

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