Angling Designs Dry-Tech MRT Fly Box

“THE DRY-TECH MRT FLY BOX – Moisture that becomes trapped inside fly boxes can be damaging to flies. Replacing wet flies or fishing in wet or humid conditions can cause hooks to rust and fly tying materials to weaken. Larger nymphs, dry flies, and streamers that retain greater amounts of water are even more vulnerable to reduced lifespan and performance.

The new Dry-Tech MRT fly box uses Moisture Reduction Technology (MRT) to eliminate harmful moisture that causes flies to weaken and deteriorate. Moisture from wet flies that generally becomes trapped inside the box is now soaked up continuously by unique absorbent crystals. Wet flies will dry out completely as the moisture from them is drawn out of the box and away from other flies as well. This convenience makes it unnecessary to dry flies separately before replacing them. These crystals maintain a constant dry climate inside and protect flies from dampness & humidity. This reduces the deterioration of hooks, thread, & fly-tying materials and will extend the durability, performance, and the investment in your flies.

Its patent pending design uses environmentally safe, odorless, non-toxic crystals which absorb and store moisture in a non-liquid form. These orange crystals gradually turn color as they reach their maximum absorption capacity. When exhausted, the removable MRT container can be quickly regenerated in a conventional microwave oven. When refreshed, their absorption potential and original color are restored.  This process can be repeated  for long term service.  Regeneration will typically be required after about every 5-8  individual fishing days. The variance in days is based upon the number, size, and the water retaining qualities of the flies you use.  The Medium MRT  box ( 6.25“x 4.25“x 1.5“) contains flat and slit foam sections along with a graduated ridge foam bottom. MSRP $39.95. The Large MRT box ( 8.5”x 4.75”x 1.75” ) employs charcoal slit foam on both sides for saltwater, steelhead, salmon flies, etc. MSRP $44.95. A Humidity Indicator Test Strip is included with each box to demonstrate the effects of the MRT design to the consumer. The box is waterproof & airtight. Rugged, durable lifetime construction. Made in USA…”  For more information go to

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