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Cascade Crest Newsletter June  2014
Cascade Crest is now the liscensed distrubtor for
Nano Silk threads in the U.S., Canada and Japan 

                                              Nano Silk Data Sheet
Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists there is no fly tying thread as strong as Nano Silk anywhere! (source Veevus own website)
Relative Breaking Strains                   30 Denier  18/0                     50 Denier  12/0     
          Veevus Thread                              430gm                                   530gm
            Nano Silk                                   1,140gm                                1,900gm
                                          Nano Silk Strength Comparison
  Nano Silk strength in Kilos                      2.7x                                      3.6x
Like tippets there is a breaking strain on threads if you measure it, note these can be vastly increased depending on how they are used like tippets with a lighter rod to take the tension. However every material has a raw tensile strength at which is at risk of breaking.
                                                More Comparsions 
                      · Danville Spiderweb as a 18/0 thread will break with 5oz.
                       · UNI Cord 12/0 GSP breaks with an approximate 39oz.
                       · Veevus 16/0 (thicker than our 18/0) is 15oz,
                        · WAPSI GSP 50 (12/0) is 37oz.
  Coming in late June!
      · Nano Silk in comparison is:
                                                          o 30D 18/0 is 40oz (1.14kg)
                                                           o 50D 12/0 is 67oz (1.9g)
After all of that,what it boils down to is, that this thread is ALMOST unbreakable!
Take a look at this short video by Samperfli:
Cascade will be offering both the 12/0 and 18/0 in a limited range of colors by late June and hopefully
more colors to come this fall. Meanwhile take another look at our site. We have added even more items!
           Thanks again for taking the time to vist our site. Cascade Crest Tools.
 Better Materials,

Better Flies,

Better Results!

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