Hanley’s Surf Grub Tying Instructions

The Surf Grub by Ken Hanley
Fly Pattern and Story by Ken Hanley – Photos by G. Kishi

Tying Instructions

Step 1: The Tail AssemblyBegin the fly by securing your thread at a tie-in position just above the hook’s point. 

The complete tail assembly is comprised of a combination of Antron and marabou materials. Cut three pieces of Antron (1 each; gray, olive, orange), measuring each to match the length of the hook shank. Prepare two clumps of marabou (make sure the feathers will extend past the Antron when they’re bound down).

Layer all the materials together; marabou first, followed by the three Antron pieces, and topped with another layer of marabou. Tie down the assembly just above the hook’s point. Apply a drop of cement for extra security.

Step 2: Weighting The PatternAdvance your thread toward mid-shank. To create the proper placement for the weight, I use the barbell itself to measure the position. Keep the barbell parallel to the shank. Place one of the bells in the hook’s eye. As the barbell rests on the shank I advance my thread and make a couple of wraps around the barbell’s center. I then rotate the weight slightly and begin to figure-eight the thread as I bind down the barbell’s final position.
Step 3: The BodyI find that creating the Grub’s body is easiest working from a spool of Antron placed in a bobbin. Start with your tying thread just behind the weight. Secure the Antron at this tie-in position. Using the Antron material wrap back toward the tail. Continue to wrap the Antron back over itself until you reach your original position. Tie-off the Antron and add a drop of cement for security. 

You can design your fly with any body profile you wish. I prefer to keep a slim “worm-like” appearance. You can achieve a beautiful segmented look by spinning the Antron counter-clockwise as you wrap the material. I don’t always do it, but it might add some durability to the pattern.

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