Hanley’s Surf Grub Materials List

Surf Grub by K. Hanley
Fly Pattern and story by Ken Hanley – photos by G. Kishi

Designed as a non-specific attractor pattern, to imitate such foods as marine worms or crab roe found in the breaking surf.

Materials List
HOOK: Wide Gap, stinger style… #10 (sample:Tiemco -TMC 8089-NP)
THREAD: Olive or pink #8/0
BODY: Antron (prefer on spool and bobbin)
TAIL: Antron (layered), gray–olive–orange
TAIL Accent: Marabou, tan or brown (gray can also be used)
WEIGHT: Small barbell eyes
Roe Sac/Head: Pink chenille or hot orange (fine diameter)
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