Dan’s SPS Flashtail Whistler Materials List

an original by Dan Blanton

Materials List
Hook: Tiemco 800S or Wright & McGill 254 plated 2/0 to 4/0(use short-shank hooks only!
Thread: Danville’s Fly-Master Plus or equivalent, red.
Snag guard: Size 6 or 7 doubled single strand leader wire, coffee colored.
Optics: Large to extra-large silver chain-beads.
Under-body: Ten turns of .030 lead wire.
Tail/wing: Two to three medium bunches of white bucktail, soft and crinkly.
Flashtail: 40 to 50 strands of a 50:50 mix of silver and pearl Flashabou, regular, not saltwater.
Tail/wing topping: Hot pink (cerise) bucktail, medium bunch over white; small bunch of purple bucktail
Shoulder flash: Ten strands of pink or hot pink Crystal Flash.
Side flash: Ten strands of multi-colored (rainbow) Crystal Flash.
Side hackle: One large grizzly neck hackle centered on each side just short length of tail.
Body/collar: Two turns of medium red chenille.
Hackle/collar: Wide collar, two wide, webby white saddle or neck hackle, faced with a large, webby grizzly neck hackle.
Head: Red tying tread, several turns in front and in back of bead-chain optics.
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