Horner’s Brown Shrimp Tying Instructions

The Horner Brown Shrimp

By Dan Blanton

Tying Instructions

Variations of the Horned Brown Shrimp

1. Wrap the thread to bend of hook.

2. Wrap from 6 to 10 turns of lead wire (size varies depending on need) on hook shank slightly forward of center.

3. Cut desired amount of bucktail from back side of eastern bucktail, remove under-fur and then tie at bend of hook or slightly past bend. Take several wraps, leaving the stubs sticking up and out of the way. The stubs will form the shell back after body and hackle are tied on. Tail length: from hook-length to extra long.

4. Tie in desired color of Diamond Braid at bend just in front of where the tail is tied in. Wrap braid forward 1/3 hook length and then position out of way. Do not cut.

5. Now tie in a brown or grizzly hackle, saddle or neck, either dry or wet style.

6. Finish wrapping the Diamond Braid forward to complete the body.

7. Now spiral wrap (Palmering) the hackle over the forward two thirds of the hook, finishing the body, tie off and trim.

8. Clip off the top side of the Palmered hackles, leaving only the bottom and sides.

9. Fold the tail hair stubs forward over the top of the body, forming the shell back. Note: you can pull the stubs straight over, leaving a smooth back or you can twist the stubs forming a rope back. Trim hair to form a smooth, tapered head or you can tie off and leave the stubs sticking up – like a “Gramer” hair-do.

10. Coat the shell back and hair stubs with Softex for durability.

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