Carpentaria Seafaris Trip Photo Album – 2004

Carpentaria Seafaris Trip – 2004

Cindy Blanton fights a flats golden trevally Cindy Blanton & a golden trevally Cindy Blanton & a queenie from the flats
Cindy Fights a LT tuna while I keep her from falling in Team work Cindy with a stripey taken from a rock patch
a blue eyed tusk Craig Smith & largest GT of our 2004 trip Craig Smith & a nice flats golden trevally
Craig Smith & a blue salmon Craig Smith & LT tuna Craig Smith & ox eye herring
Craig Smith & a permit taken on a floating crab fly Bill Nash & a giant herring AKA ladyfish Bill Nash & a LT tuna
Bill Nash & permit taken on a floating crab Terry Schultz & nice LT tuna Terry Schultz & nice flats golden trevally
Terry Schultz & rare diamond trevally – nice! Jim Higgins & nice flats golden trevally Jim Higgins & ox eye herring
Jim Higgins & a nice permit Jim Higgins with a mac tuna Thomas Pac & a nice diamond trevally
Thomas Pac & a LT tuna Jay Remley & nice queenie Jay Remley & flats golden trevally
Jay Remley & tea leaf trevally Mac Miller & permit taken on foam crab fly Mac Miller with nice diamond trevally
Mac Miller & big LT tuna Mac Miller & nice mac tuna John Neaves & permit
John Neaves small GT trevally John Neaves & LT tuna John Neaves & queenie
Dan Blanton & big flats golden trevally Cindy & I sure enjoyed the trip with Greg & crew Dan Blanton with a nice queenie taken upriver

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