Blanton’s Jig Hook Rabbit’s Foot Tying Instructions


Blanton’s Jig Hook Rabbit’s Foot

Materials List

1. Hook: Eagle Claw EC 413 Jig hook size(s) 2 and 1.

2. Thread: White Danville Fly Masters Plus.

3. Optics: 3/16 inch Spirit River Real Eyes Plus – nickel/yellow or nickel/red.

4. Flashtail: 10 to 15 strands of pearl Flashabou – original limp.

5. Tail: white rabbit strip.

6. Body: white cross-cut rabbit strip.

7. Under-wing: chartreuse Slinky Flash.

8. Topping: light blue Crystal Flash – 15 to 25 strands.

9. Head: white tying thread.

1.First tie on flashtail and eyes.  Set eyes back from 60 degree bend about 3/8 inch.  Flashtail is off the bend of the hook.  Leave the flashtail long and trim it after the rabbit strip tail is tied on.  Leave the flashtail slightly longer than the rabbits strip tail

2. Tie on the rabbit strip tail at the bend of the hook.  Be sure the skin side is up!  Remember this fly rides hook point up – Clouser style. 

3. Tie in a length of cross-cut rabbit strip at the hook bend and wrap it forward edge-to-edge all the way to the eyes and tie off in front of, and under the eyes.

4. Rotate the vise so the hook point is up.  Now tie on an over-wing of chartreuse Slinky Flash. 

5. Tie on 15 to 20 strands of light blue Crystal Flash for a wing topping, trim stubs and build a nice tapered head of white thread.

Completed Jig Hook Rabbits Foot


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