TFO Adds New “Half-Weight” Rod to Its Line-up…


Press Release:

 May 15, 2012

Temple Fork Outfitters New Half-Weight

For most of us, it wasn’t on expansive waterways or endless oceans where our passion for fly fishing evolved.  More likely, we started on a small stream, creek or pond stalking vibrant brookies or bluegills.  In honor of this water and the little fish that call it home, we introduce our Finesse Series Half Weight.  

The Finesse Series Half Weight is engineered with the same materials and taper that facilitates such accurate and delicate presentations that the TFO Finesse family is known for. At a featherweight 1.2 ounces and 22 inch pack length, this is a little 5 foot rod that is guaranteed to make you smile – to conjure up memories of small fish past … and future.  The Half Weight features a cigar-style grip comprised of flor grade cork and is handsomely finished with a burled cork butt.   Two adjustable sliding rings enable varying reel placements for finding the perfect balance.  Of course it is light on your wallet too at $159.95 and is covered by TFO’s industry leading warranty.

 If you are wondering how to find a line, the Half Weight loads and unloads wonderfully within distances of as little as five feet with one or even two weight lines.  It works with as little as 15 grains of line and will deliver a full 30′ of 2 weight line too!  This makes delicate presentations in tight spaces or heavy cover a pleasure.  Paired up with our newest BVK “0” click pawl reel at $149.95, you’ll have a perfectly balanced outfit.  Both are available now and you can find your local TFO dealer at 


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Temple Fork Outfitters

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