Rio Tropical Outbound Short

Tropical OutBound Short

The ideal tropical line for wading the surf or throwing huge flies.

  • Short heavy head, perfect for Baja and the Amazon
  • Hard saltwater coating ensures the line will not wilt in tropical heat
  • Extremely easy casting tapers that give ultimate distance

” The Rio Outbound Short lines in coldwater and tropical fomulations have been around now for a couple of years and they’ve rapidly become one of fly-fishing’s most popular fly lines.  Built to perform like a true 30-foot shooting head with a built-in running line, they cast and perform like a true shooting head; and being up-lined by slightly more than two standard line weights, they load any rod perfectly since shooting heads need to be up-lined for best performance.  These lines will turn over the largest, most wind resistant flies with ease and will deliver them into the next time zone; and you don’t have to be an expert caster to do it…” Dan Blanton

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