New Zealand Strike Indicator takes Indicator Fishing to the Next Level

The New Zealand Strike Indicator takes indicator fishing to the next level. 

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Top Guides around the world are fishing the system!  Read why!
  • “Over the years I have used all manner of indicator systems when guiding and fishing personally ,this ingenious little tool has made it all that much easier to quickly add an indicator to your leader and adjust it when needed without the hassles of creating kinks and knots . It floats extremely well and is very aero dynamic for casting….. what more would you want with an indicator ! The best thing since sliced bread!”
    Paul Macandrew
    Professional Fishing Guide – Over 10 Years
    Aspiring Fly Fishing
    Wanaka, New Zealand


    “First, It is a great strike indicator system for fishing small to medium nymph rigs. Secondly, I liked how delicately I was able to make it land on the surface of the water during my presentations. Thirdly, the strike indicator system really shined when I used it as a sighter to keep track of tiny dry flies and emergers. I endorse this product and I feel confident if you give it a chance, you’ll find a place for it in your pack just like I have.”

    Capt. Kent Klewein
    Gink and Gasoline
    Reel Job Fishing
    Blue Ridge, Georgia – USA


    “Many hours were spent on the rivers adjusting and tying indicators onto the leader only to spend many more removing and straightening the leader out. It was great to find this handy tool which now makes it so simple and quick. The gentleness in which it hits the water and its visibility make it a perfect indicator for the crystal clear rivers and streams NZ is renown for. Many of my fly fishing clients are impressed and intrigued by this great wee system.”

    Jake Berry
    Southern Rivers Fly Fishing
    Wanaka, New Zealand
    Jake is a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association


     Half hitches do the job, so of a fancy new tool I was skeptical. Now I own one, and keep a spare close at hand. The first tool in a long time that has made my job, and personal fishing experiences so much easier and enjoyable. Quick and effortless to use, less fiddling, tightening and repositioning of my indicator means more fly-time in the water. It’s a no brainer.” 

    Fly Fishing Guide/Writer – Chris Dore
    Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor
    Queenstown, New Zealand

    Chris is a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association


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