Mangrove Sungloves

Sungloves are not new. They’ve been around a few years and were developed and endorsed by both Lefty Kreh and Flip Pallot.

“Sun can cause skin cancer, and no one is more aware of that than fishermen and hunters. Even if sunscreen is applied to the hands, it is often rubbed or washed off. Sungloves were developed by us to protect the hands while leaving the fingers totally free to tie knots, thread leader tippets on flies, handle tackle or your gun. Light as a thistle and snug but not tight fitting, this glove never interferes with your outdoor activities.”  “The thin, but very tough material filters dangerous sun rays. On a hot day, if you dip them in the water, the evaporation from them really cools the hands. When not being used they are small enough to fit easily in a pocket…”  Lefty Kreh

“I just started using Sungloves at the urgency of my wife and my dermatologist. “You may only be 62 years old”, my wife, Cindy commented, “but your hands look 100…” I took the hint and started wearing Sungloves. So does Cindy. They’re great for all of the reasons Lefty noted, plus the new Amara Palm (leather like) gloves help to reduce casting and fish-fighting blisters. I prefer the Amara Palms. They also help keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter.  Sungloves are truly a “Hot” item, and I highly recommend them. Look for them at your local fly fishing shop…” Dan Blanton

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