Jay Spencer’s Floating Dragon Fly Nymph – Tying Instructions


Jay Spencer’s Floating Dragon Fly Nymph – Tying Instructions

Material list: 

Hook– TMC 8089 size 2 Bass

Thread–  Black 6/0

Rib– Fine red wire

Tail-Black goose biot

Underbody-1/8” black sheet foam

Wing case-1/16” black sheet foam

Abdomen-Dark Olive furry foam

Thorax-Dark olive angora goat dubbing

Hackle– Dark olive or Black saddle

Rubber legs-Olive juicy legs

Eyes-XL black barbell mono eyes

Weed guard-Ultra fine music wire .015 diameter music wire (.38 mm)

5 minute epoxy

Tying Steps:

 1. Prepare the weed guard by cutting about 4” of music wire.  Bend the wire in half as shown.

2. Cover hook with thread.  Then tie in weed guard extending it straight forward.  Estimate the length so when the weed guard is folded back toward the hook point,  it’s just shy of it.  Put a good coat of super glue on the thread wraps to prevent the wire from ever rotating.

 3.  Tie in a length of fine ribbing (I used red here) and leave it trailing out the back.  Cut a strip of 1/8” sheet foam about 1/4” wide and tie it in at the back.

4. Take the thread to the front of the hook and wrap the foam forward forming the bugs shape.  Wrap the thread lightly back to the tail and tie in the goose biot tail.  This is when I coat it with a thin layer of 5 minute epoxy to seal the foam to help floatation.


5.  Cut a ¼” strip of furry foam and tie it in at the tail. Wrap it forward to the ½ way point creating the abdomen and tie it off.  Take your ribbing and counter wrap the furry foam for durability.   Tie in a ¼” wide strip of 1/16” sheet foam for the wing case. (1/8” sheet foam may also be used here)


 6. Now tie in the rubber legs on top of the thorax area forming an “X”


 7. Just ahead of where you’ve tied in the wing case,  tie in a saddle hackle (optional).  Form a dubbing loop and spin a nice shaggy dubbing line.

8.  Advance the thread to 1/8” behind the hook eye and tie in XL mono eyes with figure 8 wraps and reinforce with super glue.  Carefully wrap the dubbing around the rubber legs and tie off behind eyes.  Palmer the hackle forward.


 9.  Pull the wing case forward and tie off behind eyes.  Clip the tag end of the wing case.  You can cut it close and bury it in thread wraps,  or leave a little for a sort of “pop tab”  like shown here.

10.  Bend the weed guard down as shown.  Cover the wing case with a thin coat of 5 minute epoxy.








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