Hardy Wins Wins Shootout Second Year In a Row – Jim Murphy


Hardy Cup

…This year, with twenty rods to test, we’re going to switch up our format in an effort to keep your interest. After our table giving the final results, we will give you our comments on each rod and our casting notes, in the order that the rods finished. For example – our winning Hardy 8’6″#4 Zenith will be first, the rod that finished last will be at the bottom. We know that many of you will want to read every word, but we felt that wading through twenty rod descriptions and performance data before getting to the winner would be sleep inducing, and I couldn’t blame you! For a lot of people a quick look at the results tables are all that’s needed. But dive in and check it all out. Hopefully you’ll have fun and learn a lot.

 Once again in this shootout, as we did in last year’s 8-weight shootout, we are providing a table with just the results based on performance and nothing else, since performance is the real meat of this shootout. Lots of people don’t give a darn about factors like the warranty, or the price. Two categories that tell the real story are: “Fun to fish, Got to Have” and “Perfect 4 Performance” The rods that scored the best in these two ARE the best rods!

Read the full review here @ Yellowstone Angler.com


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