Glazener’s Spinster Tying Instructions

The Spinster by George Glazener
Tying instructions
Step 1. Slide the swivel over the hook to bend behind eye and tie off.
Step 2. Rough hook shank with file and wrap with thread.  Wrap several turns of .035 diameter lead wire 1/4 inch behind swivel and coat with super glue or Flexcement.  Note: Weight is used to induce jigging action – not for depth control.
Step 3. Wrap thread to bend of hook and attach two pairs of saddle hackle, curving outward. Add a few strands of Crystal Flash and enough bucktail to form a skirt.  Trim butts flush with the lead wraps.  Cement.
Step 4. To form Body: wrap the butt ends of the skirt with a double layer of Crystal Flash and coat with super glue, Softex or similar coating.
Step 5. Attach a medium bunch of bucktail to extend slightly beyonnd the bend of hook.
Step 6. Turn hook over and tie in a small bunch of bucktail.  Repeat this process to achieve a baitfish profile.  The combined bucktail should be the same amount top and bottom.
Step 7. Build a tapered head, whip finish and attach the stick-on eyes.  Coat head with 5-minute epoxy.  Rotate fly until epoxy sets.
Step 8. When the epoxy has cured, darken the top of the head with a gray marking pen.  Attach thread and secure the swivel in place. Cement.
Step 9. Coat spinner blade with epoxy and sprinkle with glitter.  Attach blade to swivel with split ring.
Tying tips 

1. Install the swivel by using a 1-1/2 inch length of 1/8 inch ID tubing of brass or composite material to force the swivel over the hook point by tapping on the tube.

2. When tying in flash, cut 1-1/4 times length, stagger the ends and tie one end to desired length, folding the short end over the top.

3. To tie a thin but broad (deep girthed) shad pattern, tie only small to moderate clumps of materials on top and bottom of hook shank.  Add flash or hackle to the sides. Note: tying instructions remain the same for all the Spinster Patterns.

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