G. Loomis Large Rolling Cargo Bag

“When it comes to angling travel these days with so many restrictions by TSA and other inconveniences, I’ve discontinued using separate check-on rod tubes.  I want all my clothes, gear and rods in one bag or two bags, but I don’t want to hand-carry anything nor do I want to check special equipment like two- and three-piece rods.  I’ve found the G. Loomis Large Rolling Cargo Bag the perfect solution!  I can pack four 4-piece fly rods, my gear and all my clothes into one
36 X 16 X 15 – inch bag.  Actually, I have two of these large rolling cargo bags and I split my stuff between two of them.  These bags are extremely tough and have held up well against the rigors of travel, world-wide…” Dan Blanton

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