Four New Reels from Hardy and Greys Now In Stock



$159 – $219

A high specification, high quality reel, the GX900 is a serious competitor in all forms of fishing, from tackling small wild Trout in the Scottish Highlands with the #2/3/4, to taming those big, hard fighting Salmon on famous rivers around the world with the larger sizes, there’s a GX900 to accompany you on your next trip, wherever that may be.

• Centralized twin Rulon disc drag
• 6061 bar stock Aluminum construction
• Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind
• Large arbor design with captive spool release
• Supplied with Neoprene Pouch




$259 – $289


A practical, reliable cassette reel with a stunning aesthetic design.

This reel includes the Hardy Line ID system – use the moveable, reuseable pins to mark the line type. Neater than marker pen, more reliable than stickers, and best of all can be changed when you change your line.

CLS stands for Cassette Locking System. This Hardy-designed feature instantly

locks/unlocks the spool into place at the flick of a switch, meaning the spool is held securely, but easy to remove. It also reduces the stress placed upon working parts within the system to a minimum.


Centralized twin Rulon disc drag for smooth, powerful line control

  • Large arbour design for rapid retrieval and minimal line memory
  • Large backing capacities
  • Hardy fly line ID system – mark the spools with the line type using supplied pins
  • 6061 bar stock aerospace grade aluminum construction, fully anodised
  • Tool-less conversion from left to right hand wind
  • Modified polycarbonate spools with captive release
  • Supplied with three spools, and sufficient ID pins to make up three lines
  • Supplied with Hardy neoprene reel & spool case

$225 – $259

The winner of the 2011 Best of Show award for fresh water fly reels is now available in a black satin finish. Available in sizes 3000 – 7000, these stealth reels are a fine next edition of the best selling fly reel in the market today. Still the best priced reels at $225 – $259.







Beautiful classic fly reels, the latest revision in over a century of the Perfect. This new model features a wide spool for better capacity, a time proven check system, and that classic Perfect sound.

Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the Perfect reel design in 1889, our engineers, developers and consultants have been constantly striving for ways to improve on perfection, tweaking and adjusting to bring you what we believe are the best reels in their class to date. After all, if we offered anything less, it would not be a Perfect.

  • Made by Hardy Bros master craftsmen in Alnwick, England
• Wide spool design for better backing capacity
• Stainless ball bearings and time proven check system
• Sweet sounding, wide ranging check system
• Engineered from bar stock aluminium with naval brass 1pc spindle
• Deep anodised for strength and durability
• Ivorine handle
• Smooth satin dark gunmetal grey anodised finish
• Stainless ball bearings and time proven check system
• Easily changed from left to right hand wind
• Supplied in a soft leather, sheepskin lined reel pouch

 Please contact Jim Murphy at if you have any questions.

Jim Murphy
Hardy North America Ltd


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