Dan’s Sal-Mul-Mac Materials List

Materials List
HOOK: Tiemco 611- S size 3/0 to 5/0 – can be tied in tandem, rear hook up for billfish and wahoo.
THREAD: White, Danville Fly Master Plus or equivalent.
UNDER BODY: Three amp lead wire or non-lead equivalent.
TAIL: White bucktail.
TAIL TOPPING: Fifteen to 20 strands each of both silver and pearl Flashabou.
WING: Six, long, white saddle hackles.
THROAT: Medium bunch of white bucktail, half as long as the tail.
WING TOPPING: Pearl gray bucktail.
SHOULDER: Fifteen to 20 strands of mauve or rose bucktail, topped with six to eight strands of wine Crystal flash length of gray bucktail. That is topped with one long grizzly saddle hackle on each side 3/4 the length of the wing.
SIDE FLASH: fifteen to 20 strands each of both silver Flashabou and multi-colored Crystal flash.
HEAD TOPPING: A loop of medium gray chenille.
GILLS: Small, red chenille.
HEAD: Small, white chenille.
OPTICS: Yellow and black, solid plastic eyes, post removed, 9 mm.
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