Dan’s Punch Materials List

Materials List
Hook: Eagle Claw 254 or Tiemco 811S 2/0 to 3/0 (may substitute Eagle Claw 413 60 degree jig hook)
Thread: Hot Orange or Chartreuse Danville flat waxed or Fly Master Plus
Optics: Large silver bead chain
Head: Hot orange or chartreuse medium chenille topped with peacock herl
Tail White bucktail; yellow bucktail; or chartreuse bucktail depending on pattern
Tail Flash: Silver; gold; or chartreuse Flashabou;
Body: Pearl; gold; or chartreuse Diamond braid
Hackle: Large, webby, saddle – yellow; hot orange or chartreuse, tied wet, full
Wing: Sparse bucktail of white; yellow or chartreuse, length of tail, but shorter than flashtail, with matching 10 strands of Crystal flash
Wing topping: Peacock herl with 10 to 15 strands of peacock Crystal flash over herl
Shoulder hackle Natural grizzly; hot orange or chartreuse saddle hackle, one each side length of wing
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