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Learn to be a Trout Boss

Cortland Line Company premieres educational fly fishing video series.

May 5, 2014 — Cortland, N.Y. — The right fly line can mean the difference between a perfectly presented cast and a missed opportunity. That’s the inspiration behind “Feel the Pull,” a new video series that offers insight into the best fly lines and tactics to address the range of species and fishing conditions that anglers face.

Produced by Cortland Line Company, the series takes viewers to Western Montana’s Bitterroot River, a blue-ribbon fishery noted both for its diverse fishing conditions and its hard-fighting trout. There, host Joe Goodspeed teams up with local guide John Herzer of Blackfoot River Outfitters to put Cortland’s Precision series fly lines to the test.

“When folks come out to rivers like this … the versatility of the water is substantial,” explains Herzer in the first episode of the series, “Be a Trout Boss,” which premieres today at “The versatile anglers here are the ones who catch the most fish.”

The four-part video series addresses the many conditions, styles and applications that anglers face in challenging waters. Goodspeed offers tips on matching those variables to the superior features of Cortland’s Precision series lines, which include Trout Boss, Competition Nymph, Compact Switch and Finesse Trout. Along the way, he shares information about the design, unique benefits and fishing applications for the lines he casts.

“Having confidence that your line will perform at a high level helps you move beyond thinking about what the line is doing, to thinking about the dynamic environment the fish live in and the best approach to convince the next fish to eat your fly,” says Goodspeed, Cortland’s product manager. “Cortland offers a comprehensive range of high-performance fly lines that anglers can rely on, trip after trip.”

“Be a Trout Boss” highlights the Trout Boss line. This new, premium line features a unique weight-forward taper and 64-foot head, helping anglers excel at extreme distance casting. The longer head includes a 25-foot back taper that helps carry more line in the air and provides better control on the water. “Be a Trout Boss” features music by Josh Woodard and plenty of hard-fighting trout courtesy of Mother Nature.

Future episodes in the series will be released as follows:

May 19: “Nymph Like You Mean It,” featuring the Competition Nymph line.
June 2: “Dipping Your Toes into Spey,” featuring the Compact Switch line.
June 16: “Picking Off the Picky Ones,” featuring the Finesse Trout line.

Product videos will be available for viewing on the Company’s new website ( and the Cortland Fly Fishing YouTube Channel ( The new video series serves as one among several initiatives that reflect the revitalized energy and cutting-edge innovation at the Cortland Line Company, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year.

About Cortland Line Company

Cortland Line Company, Cortland, New York, is a leading manufacturer of braided fishing lines, monofilament fishing lines, braided ropes and fly lines. By utilizing the latest materials and its proprietary innovative techniques, Cortland Line assures the consumer the finest products available.

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