Airflo Switch/Streamer Spey Line


Spey casting expert Tom Larimer is a talented guide, superb casting instructor, and serious about all things “two handed”. A prolific designer, Tom was key in the development of several immensely popular Airflo products: the Skagit Compact, Skagit Intermediate, Skagit Switch, and the Rage Compact. Keeping the momentum going, We’re pleased to introduce the all-new Airflo Switch Streamer, developed by Tom specifically for use on switch and shorter spey rods.

Looking back a decade, it’s pretty amazing to see how far spey lines have come. Over the past five years Airflo has pushed the boundaries of performance and innovation to provide anadromous anglers with options. Options offer versatility. Versatility increases opportunity. Opportunity means you’re one cast closer to that awesome hero shot.

Observing the landscape of two-hand fishing in North America, it’s become pretty obvious that trout anglers have realized the benefits of using longer rods and spey casts, especially when streamer fishing. Each year, more rod manufacturers are developing 2-5wt switch and spey rods. Unfortunately, traditional weight forward single hand lines weren’t designed to match the performance specifications of this new class of rods. Not good. Where are the options? An efficient, pleasurable cast is half rod, half line. The question of “how” to build a streamer line for light two-handers on smaller trout streams has been a point of focus for the Airflo design team for the past two years.

Initially, there were a few important things to consider. The head had to be integrated into the running line to allow the angler to make short casts without having a looped connection rattling through the guides. Second, the taper needed to be aggressive enough to turn over a heavy sink-tip and a weighted streamer but still meet the surface of the water with “finesse”. Finally, to maximize efficiency, the mass in the head had to be perfectly balanced but short enough to cast in tight spots with very limited back casting room. Toss in existing proprietary Airflo technology -ultra slick Super-DRI coating, low stretch Power Core, and bulletproof Polyurethane – you’ve got the recipe for a killer line.

We cut. We welded. We tweaked prototypes. We fished them HARD. This is the ultimate line for targeting trout with streamers on switch and small spey rods. On the water, we began to realize the potential for smallmouth, landlocked salmon, and just about any other critter lurking beneath the surface. Trust us, you’ll laugh like a kid when you cast one!

The new Airflo Switch Streamer is packaged with a 10′ Airflo sinking polyleader, and is available in the following line weights:

WF4F (300g)  –  $99.99 MSRP

WF4.5F (330g)  –  $99.99 MSRP

WF5F (360g)  –  $99.99 MSRP

WF5.5F (390g)  –  $99.99 MSRP

WF6F (420g)  –  $99.99 MSRP

The Switch Streamer is in stock, and available to ship. 

Call Rajeff Sports (360.694.2900) for ordering and additional information.

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