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Lowrance M68C Sonar/Map

“The Lowrance M-68C is a great unit. Nothing on the market touches it for the money, definitely maxes out the value for dollar equation. I like it better than other units I’ve seen and used. If someone dropped mine overboard … Continue reading

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Stripers Gone Wild by Mike Laptew

“Mike Laptew is one of the most experienced and renowned underwater photographers in the world.  Mike’s first love is fishing for striped bass and his second love is photographing them in their underwater environment.  In his latest DVD “Stripers Gone … Continue reading

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Rio’s Modern Spey Casting

“RIO’S Modern Spey Casting is the most comprehensive video on spey casting techniques ever made. Sequences with narration, music, bio-kinetic and other animation demonstrate the classic Roll Cast, Switch Cast, Single Spey and Double Spey, as well as modern spey … Continue reading

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Pop Fleyes by Ed Jaworowski and Bob Popovics

“I consider Bob Popovics to be one of the greatest fly tying innovators of all time.  He has developed more productive fly patterns and tying techniques in the last two decades than any other tier I know or have heard … Continue reading

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Clouser’s Flies by Bob Clouser

“Always an experimenter when conventional fly patterns are not working, Bob tweaks patterns, or even invents new one, to fool fish. His Clouser Deep Minnow is undoubtedly the most popular fly pattern to be developed  in the last several decades.  … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing California’s Great Waters by Dan Blanton

“Fly Fishing California’s Great Waters is about fly fishing diversity; so if you’re one of those fly-anglers who loves diversity pursuing all manner of species in both fresh water and salt, from panfish to billfish to blue sharks, then this … Continue reading

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Flycasting Systems by Bill Nash

“Bill Nash’s self-published book – “Flycasting Systems” is hands down one of the best knots and rigging books available today.  It will give you detailed instructions on how to build leaders, tie knots, how to select the right fly lines, … Continue reading

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Eagle Claw EC413 Jig Hook

“The Eagle Claw (EC 413), 60 degree bend jig hook has become one of my favorite hooks for tying any pattern that I want to ride hook point up.  All of my Whistlers, Clousers, crab, shrimp and many others.  You … Continue reading

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Slinky Flash

“Slinky Flash and Slinky Fiber is the first synthetic substitute for Bucktail I’ve tried that I really like.  I use it alone or I use it in combination with real bucktail.  This material comes in a variety of great colors … Continue reading

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Dr. Slick All Purpose Prism Scissors

“These new all purpose prism scissors from Dr. Slick slick are a hot item for fly tiers – check them out!… Scott Wessels, owner the Bears Den Fly Shop.

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