New Line Includes Batteries with Fluid Acid and Gel-Cel Technology

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL. – Targeting active mariners and tournament anglers, DieHard marine batteries has introduced 12 engine starting and deep-cycle batteries for 1999 to supply onboard current for power-hungry marine electronics. “The trend is toward equipping boats with accessories that require more battery power than ever before,” said Dave Albritton, DieHard brand public relations manager. “DieHard marine offers a full range of batteries in various sizes and energy outputs to start those big outboards and supply deep-cycle power to live wells, bilge pumps, high-thrust trolling motors, and electronic instruments,” said Albritton. For 1999 the DieHard nameplate goes on fluid acid and gel-cell batteries, recreational and commercial models, all of which are covered by the Sears generous warranties.

For 1999, DieHard continues its popular Power Probe battery, model 30HM, with a button that lights up a color-coded display on the top showing the power level of the battery. The DieHard 30HM, delivering 900 marine cranking amps, is designed to provide ample cranking power to the new generation of oil-injected outboard engines. With its deep-cycle design, it also provides current supply for onboard electrical accessories.

Model 30HM with Power Probe and two other DieHard marine batteries, models 27M and 24M, feature Sears “Pack Tite” construction to eliminate the effects of boat vibration which can reduce useful battery life. All three have carrying handles. DieHard offers five models in its Gel-Cel series, factory-sealed batteries with gelled electrolyte that continue to deliver power even if turned upside down or if fully submerged in water. DieHard Gel-Cel batteries are designed to start engines from 150 h.p. up to 600 h.p. plus deliver deep-cycle current on-demand. DieHard Gel-Cel marine batteries deliver from 390 to 1350 cold cranking amps. The batteries are guaranteed for 30 months, including free replacement for up to 90 days after the purchase date.

DieHard model 24MS is a pure marine starting battery, delivering an impressive 625 marine cranking amps. In spite of its high-output bursts of cranking amps, model 24MS weighs only 36 pounds, an advantage in small boats that lose performance with added weight.

DieHard’s “smallest and lightest” award goes to the DieHard U1, just 22-pounds and measuring less than 9 inches long, 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall. This compact, rated at 270 marine cranking amps, serves modest electrical needs on lightweight hulls such as canoes and aluminum skiffs. Batteries at the other end of the power and weight scale are DieHard models 4D and 8D, commercial marine batteries that deliver 1400 and 1725 marine cranking amps, respectively.

DieHard marine batteries for 1999 are sold through more than 2300 retail outlets in the United States including Sears Auto Centers, Sears Hardware, Sears Dealer and Orchard Supply Hardware. Sears Automotive Group is the nation’s largest retailer of batteries.

For more information contact
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Sears Automotive
Group, 3333 Beverly Road, BC-103B, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
or access thecompany’s web site, www.sears.com.

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