Previously Published Articles Readers and fly fishing friends frequently ask for information that I've covered in a previously published article. The following is a listing of some of the articles I've written, which have been published within the past three years. If you want a copy of the article/magazine you'll have to contact the magazine directly. They may or may not still have copies of the particular issue my story was in. If they don't, get back to me via e-mail and I may be able to help.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - September/October 1998 - Monterey Bay White Sea Bass On The Fly. At one time Monterey Bay had a thriving population of White Sea bass. They went the way of the Monterey sardine. Now they are coming back and fly-rodders are catching them. Learn why.

Fly Fisherman Magazine - May 1998- Nacimiento Whites. a comprehensive article about fly fishing for scrappy white bass on the only California lake that has them.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - Fall issue 1997 - Fly Tyer's Bench - The SPS Flashtail Clouser. All about this great fly pattern, a deadly striper fly.

California Fly Fisher - July/August 1997 - Hot Delta Flies A story detailing seven of the Delta's hottest striper and black bass flies - with recipes.

Warm Water Fly Fishing - September/October - Big Flies for Big Bass You want to catch jumbo largemouth bass on flies? Offer them jumbo flies. A story about catching big bass on large saltwater and freshwater flies.

America Angler - May/June 1997 - Accessible Lake Trout - When conditions are right, Lake trout come into the shallows and fly fishers can then score - big time!

Fly Fisherman Magazine - May 1997 - Monterey Bay On the Fly An overview of fly fishing for a multitude of species that call Monterey Bay home all or part of the year. Species from rock bass to Blue sharks - When, where and how, including lauching, camping and travel information. Don't miss this one if you want to fly-rod Monterey Bay.

American Angler - May/June 1997 - Accessible Lake Trout. How to take lake trout on a fly from just about anywhere they are found.

Fly Fish America - January 1997 - Torpedoes On The Fly. All about fly fishing for a variety of tuna species, from false albacore to blue fin tuna.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - July/August 1997 - Loreto, The Oasis and Dorado Revisited. A story about one of fly fishing's greatest travel bargains - a trip to Loreto, Baja, Mexico and a stay at the Hotel Oasis and being guided to some of the world's best fly-rodding for dorado.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - July/August 1997 - Shooting Head Basics and More. All about using and casting shooting heads: tips for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

American Angler - March/April 1993 - The Whistler. The history of the Whistler fly, how it was developed and why - complete with tying instructions and a pattern listing.

American Angler - November/December 1995 - California Delta Largemouths. Feature story about fly fishing for California delta largemouth bass - where-to, how-to.

California Fly Fisher - June 1996 - Stripers Year-Round. A complete run-down on fly fishing for stripers everywhere they are found in California - the works!

California Fly Fisher - August 1996 - Blue Water Fly Fishing: A Primer. Everything you want to know about getting started on tackling Pacific bluewater gamefish aboard a "Long Range Boat".

Fly Fisherman - December 1994 - California Delta Stripers. An inexpensive do-it-yourself trip for fast striped bass action - living aboard a house boat and fishing for stripers and black bass in the wonderous California delta.

Fly Fisherman - May 1996 - Mix & Match Tips. A shooting taper system that makes meeting any changing condition easy. Broaden your angling horizons.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - August/September 1994 - Sails of the Tropic Star. All about fly fishing for Pacific Sailfish at one of the worlds' finest angling destinations.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - September/October 1995 - Fly Tier's Bench, Dan Blanton's Sar-Mul-Mac. All about this great fly and how to tie it.

Fly Fishing In Salt Waters - May/June 1996 - Swapping Oceans, A Californian Visits Cape Cod. A travel story about the great striper and bluefish fly-rodding to be found in the Cape Cod area.

Fly Tyer - Summer 1995, Premier Issue - The Fatal Attraction. A complete history and development of one of Dan Blanton's great flies. Complete with tying instruction.

Sport Fishing - June 1996 - Fly Fishing The Combat Zone. All about selecting fly fishing tackle for the warriors of bluewater. Note: Dan Blanton has written the monthly fly fishing column for Sport Fishing magazine since March of 1995.

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