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Posted by Marcus S on 2007-12-08 17:31:48 in reply to Re: Great Karma, Even Better Fish, line setup??? posted by Dave on 2007-12-08 15:24:49

I have no idea where Noel was fishing or what his approach was, was just sharing the approach I prefer when targeting the largest fish on topwater, which is to eliminate action as much as possible on the smaller fish. Part of it is spooking the larger fish, part of it is efficiency aspect of not dealing with landing/de-hooking a smaller fish. Often that can be done by throwing something big (I don't consider an 8" fly to be all that big necessarily), also the retrieve can encourage/discourage smaller fish....

We all know how the biggest fish fall all the time to a small-medium fly... the largest stripers I've hooked on flies have been on modest sized stuff...4-5". I consider that the "hope I get a big one" strategy however, not the "I am fishing for giants right now" strategy.

That is one reason I like the big plug... it eliminates more action than anything I've used, boy I sure love how few fish I catch with the plug! hahaha

In any case I'll be chasing Noel's success for some time, I have seen, stung, and spooked my share of 30+ type models but never landed a 30+ on topwater!! Great catch!!


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