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Posted by Marcus S on 2007-12-07 22:31:37 in reply to Re: Great Karma, Even Better Fish, line setup??? posted by Noel on 2007-12-07 17:50:59

There isn't anything that won't "wear you out" when it comes to casting big floating lines repetatively with a big fly... it's more a matter of what will get the best distance and allow a few hours of casting (if not all day).

I use a 10 weight rod and a 12 weight floating shooting head for pretty big stuff.

Charlie likes the Rio Outbound 12 weight floater with 6' cut off the tip (it has a very long head) on a 10 weight rod. I cast this setup of his and found it MUCH better for getting the distance with large stuff (compared to my 30' 12 weight floating shooting head)... there is just way more mass in that 12 weight Outbound head to carry the big fly.

Charlie is a highly evolved predator and doesn't settle or compromise. Instinctive traditional archery bowhunter, spot and stalk and shoot from a distance of 5 inches kinda guy.

You can fish smaller stuff on lighter rigs, and you will catch way more fish, but you are going to catch the smaller teener sized fish and below too readily for my taste... you often will spook the big fish over 20 pounds when you are dealing with a hooked schoolie.

Topwater to me isn't about catching more fish, it's about catching bigger fish and doing it in a very visual way. Just another way to play the game.

It's tough work, no way around it.

If you want my preferred "big topwater" rig it's a Curado 300 baitcaster full of 50# braid on a Powell 711MH swimbait rod... I can fish a big plug for 15 hours straight with this setup...big wind, no wind, whatever...I just go fishing.


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