Re: Good karma arrived today - 30+ lbs on my new top water pattern

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Posted by Charlie Bisharat on 2007-12-06 21:06:03 in reply to Re: Good karma arrived today - 30+ lbs on my new top water pattern posted by Noe.l on 2007-12-06 19:12:43

Noel, I am delighted that you enjoyed the DVD that Kevin put together. It was all his doing , he is an amazing talent, what a special fellow.I would have made a better effort to behave myself if I had known the thing would end up in the hands of the public. Pretty darn hard to maintain ones composure in the heat of the moment ,as that was one heck of a night. I missed a far bigger fish that same night that cleared the water on the take, fisherman error was to blame with that one.
I have no doubt that you are ruined and a convert all in the same outing. The most special thing about your day at least in my eyes is that you had an idea for a fly , worked through the various stages of experimenting until you got it where you needed it and then were rewarded with a hugely special event. That, at least for me, is the sweetest reward in this sport. I am thrilled for you that it went your way today, what a great accomplishment, and I am also thankful that I might have had just a little to do with the initial spark. Cheers Chas

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