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Posted by Louie the Fish! on 2007-12-03 23:59:19 in reply to My Tying Desk - The Mad Fly Tier - What's Yours Look Like... posted by Dan Blanton on 2007-12-03 12:30:16

Man! I second the comment that most of these are extremely large and tidy, and bordering on almost a small fly shop! I can only wish! Here in our wee 1 bedroom apartment in Honolulu, I have one corner, about 3 X 4 feet, of a 6' X 10' bathroom, complete with shower and tub, toilet, sink, medicine cabinet and towel shelf!! I'd take a picture but the camera wont fit in there. And it also holds all my rods and tackle, diving gear, tools, wading boots, kayak paddles, pontoon paddles, life jackets, a speargun and two three prongs and a big box of christmas decorations. And it is really messy most of the time! And wet!
Of course at my home in New Zealand, I have an antique two room building as a fly room, that was once a cabin at Taylor's Lodge in Turangi, where it is said Zane Grey used to stay, lots roomier, but equally messy!
Where theres a will, there's a way! Tightlines, Louie

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