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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2007-10-29 08:13:07 in reply to Re: Suffix posted by Stephen Jordan on 2007-10-29 06:57:19

Hi Stephen,

That's been my experience as well. Sounds like you had a fly that was spinning while casting? That'll turn any shooting line into the place where tangles come to spawn.

Your margin of error with monofiliment lines (Any monofiliment lines) is greatly reduced when you add wind, line twist or simply try to use it without water and spikes. That's just physics and laziness is punished severely (not calling you lazy but referring to my former moments of madness by not taking time to handle the line correctly). If managed correctly, 30lb Sufix casts effortlessly for me all day. And when I get a kink in it, I'll just cut off the line at the kink and pull more shooting line off the reel, just as I have always done with Amnesia.


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