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Posted by Stephen Jordan on 2007-10-29 06:57:19 in reply to Re: Suffix posted by Dave Sellers on 2007-10-27 23:06:34

I have tried several different poundage Sufix lines ( 15,20,25&30) The 15lb on my 6 weight does really well ( better than amnesia ) I tried the 25# at the Delta last weekend 10/21-22 on my 9 weight with T-14 . It worked well up until the point when I landed a 9 pound striper. Then I noticed it lost it's slickness and became dry and knotty. I cut some off and fished with Jerry later that day and it happened again. I think the problem I had was more me than the line. I didn't keep it wet, my fly tumbling in the air caused twisting in the line and I didn't repair that and I didn't stretch it well enough. So I did take off the 25# and replaced it with 30# sufix and I'm waiting to try it out. I think if it is handled properly it performs better than amnesia but if you don't take care of it ,it will go downhill fast.

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