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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2007-10-29 06:52:45 in reply to Re: Suffix posted by JerryInLodi on 2007-10-28 19:24:55

No, I stopped soaking it. Binky had reservations about soaking it over night (which is legitimate) so I thought I had better try it without soaking and it works fine. I'm kind of all over the place on Sufix because I can see the fact that it performs better than Amnesia but figuring out all of it's properties takes time. For example I found that soaking helps but it's not as critical as I thought it was. Also, I will only use it the way I use any shooting line. In other words, the way I manage shooting lines makes Sufix a fantastic shooting line but I won't just strip it on the deck, use it in a stripping basket without water or without spikes. The point is that others will use it "improperly managed" and it will become the stuff of nightmares. That's just the way it is which is why I decided to stop advocating/reporting on the line and just let people use it, hate it or love it. If people have questions, such as you did, I'll answer as best I can but that's it.

I think Slick shooter is fantastic stuff by the way. Very low stretch and it casts like crazy but I don't like it for fast sink lines, deep water presentation and heavy current flow because it's beam can effect line control and connection to the fly. Anyway, you know how it is reccomending a line if you know people who hate Slick Shooter. You've just got to tell people what you like about it and then let them decide for themselves. Just like anything I guess.


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