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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2007-10-27 23:06:34 in reply to Suffix posted by JerryInLodi on 2007-10-27 20:50:37


This is the process the line has to go through. It'll fail or succeed based on the balance of opinions over time. Some will love it, others will hate it. All I can say is that it works well for me. I fished three days last week and dropped only one fish out of dozens and had very few tangles and the tangles I had were miniscule. My only bummer was a failed clinch knot between Sufix and and LC loop and it happened on a cast, not on the several dozen or so feisty bass I landed (weird).

Obviously I didn't invent Sufix nor do I know the specific properties of it when fished by anglers who don't use spikes in their baskets (the Line Tamer, which is the basket you speak of, has NO spikes and it can't hold water) or how it will behave in frigid conditions or hot conditions. I take for granted that I know stuff about line management that others don't because I fish way too much and cast every day. But Sufix does have less stretch and casts farther..........beyond that, the jury will decide if it has a place and that jury includes many who don't take the time, or even know how to manage their line properly and replace it when needed. And that's not a critique of the angler but rather an acknowlegement that if Sufix can't abide the angler who doesn't manage monofiliment line properly then it will fail the "miss popularity contest"........and I suppose it should! There are way too many easier to manage lines out there. Sufix just happens to be the best monofiliment shooting line in my opinion, but again, that is when it's managed properly.


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