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Posted by JerryInLodi on 2007-10-27 20:50:37 in reply to Re: Striper Fly posted by Dave Sellers on 2007-10-27 18:01:32

Dave, I had three novices show up with 15-20 pound Suffix. I tried a few casts and told them immediately that they needed to go to at least 30# stuff. The biggest problem seemed to be the way the line payed through the hand when stuck with a big fish. A series of starts and stops with alternating slack and tautness in the line ending with an LDR. These people could only throw about 50-70 feet though so they didn't have tons of line in the basket and didn't have major problems with tangles.

However, yesterday I had a very good fisherman aboard who easily throws over 100 feet regularly and therefore has lots of line out. He was using 30# Suffix and had stretched it properly however and was using one of the original VLMD's (don't know the brand). the one with the big black oversize weight at the bottom. He ended up having to cut sections of the line out and blood knot the ends on two occasions after a long struggle with a real mess. Ive never had to do that with amnesia or even with the braided mono lines made by Cortland or Climax. What are we missing?

I know when I use Amnesia I fill my laundry basket with a couple of inches of water and that usually is enough to avoid line jump and tangles but I don't think the commercial basket will hold water since it has a side seam.

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