Ready to Lose the Right to Wade and Fish Upper Sac and McCloud Rivers?

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Posted by Tom Chandler on 2007-10-07 15:56:34

It seems bizarre to even write these words, but your legal right to wade and fly fish the Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers is in danger of being lost -- at the hands of people who are simply trying to maximize the profits of wealthy folks at the Northern end of Siskiyou County.

The proposed Natural Resource Plan being put forth by the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors designates all rivers in the county (besides the Klamath) as "non-navigable" so anglers will no longer have the right wade below the high water marks.

I posted a more in-depth article about this threat to our stream access rights on my Trout Underground blog (link below), but wanted to make a direct appeal to California's fly fishing community to contact Siskiyou County's Supervisors -- who need to hear from us right now.

The whole Natural Resources Policy is a train wreck in the making (the county doesn't even have the right to designate rivers as navigable or non-navigable), but to avoid even the potential loss of stream access, please simply send one short e-mail (copying all the supervisors).

Tell them they're going to devastate South Siskiyou County's tourist industry with this policy as you'll never fish - or spend another dollar -- in the area again if your legal stream access rights are treated with such disdain.

I know fly fishers are bombarded with requests to act on an issue on a daily basis, but this one will only take a few minutes -- please help myself and the handful of locals who are fighting this ruinous policy. Send a quick e-mail to:

Michael Kobseff (a potential swing vote)
(530) 918-9128

Marcia Armstrong (the person behind this terrible policy)
(530) 468-2824

LaVada Erickson (she’s on our side, but isolated politically)
(530) 926-1285

Jim Cook (McCloud representative — let him know how much the town stands to lose)
(530) 459-0459

Bill Overman (kinda disconnected from the realities of the project)
(530) 842-5389

Here'a link to the original post on my blog, which contains excerpts from the proposed policy:

Thanks to everyone who takes a minute and sends an e-mail. The thought of losing the right stream access rights to the Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers is a terrifying one indeed.

Take care,
Tom Chandler

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