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Posted by Bob Nakagawa on 2006-09-18 20:48:06 in reply to Heenan Lake posted by FC on 2006-09-18 18:53:34

Several years ago, some friends of mine and I encountered the same situation at Heenan. It looked like slashing trout as feed on Threadfin shad on Don Pedro and other foothill reservoirs. We tried streamers with no success. One angler pumped a trout's stomach and found scuds, chironomids, and water boatman. In researching water boatmen, I found that they take to the skies in their fall migration. I tied some imitations for our next trip. Naturally, there were no fish feeding on the water boatmen as they were in Mexico or wherever they go! :-( Haven't needed the imitations since. I suspect that is why a large Prince nymph is effective there.

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