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Posted by FC on 2006-09-18 18:53:34

I enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend bobbing around Heenan Lake trying to connect with the Lahontans. Unfortunately, I think the entire flotilla of us were almost totally ignored. A sad lot of skunked fishers. Everyone I spoke with in the parking lot had the same report - "not a touch!" I did manage to get two fish Saturday (including a 22"+) but it seemed almost random.
The fish were there - just not buying. Lots of surface action with them making slashing pursuit of something - not sure what. I tried fishing at the surface, 4-6" down, 1'-2' down, 6' down, and deeper. I tried a whole variety of nymphs, buggers, leeches, midges, caddis, you name it. Fast retrieve, slow, very slow, very fast, etc.
The lake looked very fertile and the fish fat and happy. My theory is that there is so much food available that the fish are very discerning.
So here's my question - is anyone intimate with this lake and cracked the code? Good flies, lines, leaders, retrieves, tactics? I'm going back in early Oct and can use all the help available. FC

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