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Posted by Lew on 2006-07-06 12:40:17 in reply to Thrust vs Horepower posted by Ralph on 2006-07-06 02:30:26

Hi Ralph,

There is no direct comparison of thrust and horsepower.

The best analogy that I can think of is to compare a tugboat to a high speed racing boat. If you were to power both with identical powerplants geared accordingly, the tug would be geared to drive a large diameter low pitch prop that would push a lot of water producing a high thrust. The high speed racer would have a small diameter high pitch prop designed for high speed. Two different animals.

Regarding the powerplants: comparing an electric motor to a gasoline engine Capt. Hunter is most correct only the number is 746 watts (rounded) equals one horsepower. So a 4 horsepower engine develops 4 times 746 watts at rated engine revolutions per minute.

The bottom line is the electric is a different animal best suited to stealth at low speed and the gas motor is the noisy speed demon. Pick your poison.


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