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Posted by Marcus S on 2006-07-06 08:19:50 in reply to Thrust vs Horepower posted by Ralph on 2006-07-06 02:30:26

Hey Ralph, I can't answer this directly but my feeling is that the small outboard will be far more powerful than the 55# troller based on my experience using small outboards as kicker motors.

A friend of mine had an 8' Kevlar pram with a 2HP Honda outboard and a 55# thrust troller...the outboard planed the boat and allowed him to scoot around pretty good, the electric didn't. Now maybe the electric has much more low end ooomph...I don't know...

One consideration might be whether a water cooled outboard might have issues in heavy weeds with sucking particles into the cooling system. Maybe there are small air cooled outboard? Check out that briggs and stratton one in Cabela's, maybe that's air cooled


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