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Posted by capt. Rodman Hunter on 2006-07-06 08:05:06 in reply to Thrust vs Horepower posted by Ralph on 2006-07-06 02:30:26

a good math questions,
this is the info i have and used when iquired my T-M's for skiffs

a 12-volt trolling motor draw one amp of current per every pound of trhust,
assuming that your power bank can constantly offer you a 13-volt output, the 55lbs thrust T-M will consume 55 x 13. =715. watts and deliver 715. x .95% of efficiency= 679.25 watts of usefull work,,

a horspower equivalent is to about 768 watts,, so you pretty much have a 90+% of a horspower with that T-M,,, with a good output you can reach the complete 1hp,, regarding the power bank efficiency, expect this to drop they more you use it,,,, which would not happen with the outboard unless you run out of fuel,,,

with a 4hp. outboard, you'll be like if having 4 of those 55lbs T-M's plus 4 batteries,, close or even over the weight of the ouboard with a full tank, (this i haven't check),, even if you're with the highest T-M power rank which is over the 100lbs thrust you woud'nt be getting the same torque and efficiency you will with the outboard

if i was in your shoes, it's the outboard i'll go for,, more reliable unit,


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