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Posted by Jim Vincent on 2006-05-09 10:51:32 in reply to Tarpon posted by Leo on 2006-05-08 20:59:30

A couple of facts Leo. The toad does not work as well as it did ten years ago. With everyone using it, the Tarpon have gotten wise. A little history. The original Toad was a bonefish fly developed by Islamorada guide Harry Spears. The Tarpon Toad was developed by my fishing partner Gary Merriman who owns the The Fish Hawk in Atlanta, Georgia. We have used it with rabbit, both fur down and fur up for several years. However, Tarpon are old fish, sometimes reaching 35 years of age and they are a lot smarter than they were in the early 1980's when I first started to fish the keys. Before that I ran a tarpon camp in Costa Rica, and before that I fished out of a canoe in Barra del Colorado, Costa Rica.
Gary showed the fly to Capt. Tim Hoover who fishes Andy Mill. Andy is without a doubt the best tarpon angler in the world. He knows how to read and feed the fish. He has won most of the tarpon tourniments. I personally wish he would not "release gaff" the tarpon he catches as we found out in Costa Rica this does damage fish. Garry and I just pop them off when they are close to the boat, but evidently Andy does not feel as though they are caught unless he puts a gaff in their mouth. Tim Hoover tied some toads with marabou and Andy has used this version ever since. Unfortunately, an idiot outdoor writer from Miami (I used to be one) for his own self angrandizement published several articles about using the toad. I understand he is writing a book with Andy Mill also. I can hardly wait. I'll probably take up crochet. I almost never use the toad anymore, and Gary Merriman also is using other flies. If I were you I would tie up some other patterns to have a complete arsenal.

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