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Posted by Chruis on 2005-09-03 08:12:22

Went up to Heenan Lake yesterday for opening day. I had never been there before, so didn't know what to expect. It is a beautiful, little lake set in a spectacular area. As expected, there was quite a crowd. I drove up in the morning and reached the lake at about 7:30am, just int time to get the last parking spot.

Most of the people launched their tubes near the dam and the parking lot and stayed in that areae for most of the morning. Their was a fair bit of action first thing in the morning, with the gera guys catching more than the fly guys and then it slowed down.

I hiked around to the far side of the lake and found some fish without too many people around. Around noon (give or take)the usual afternoon Sierra wind kicked up and stayed up all afternoon, but I managed a couple more fish by drift nymphing. The patterns that seemed to work were the usuals (dark Wooly Buggers, Prince nymphs, black AP nymphs, etc.) I saw a few nice fish rising/jumping, but all of the fish that I saw/caught were 13-16 inches. Typical scores for the flyfisherman that I talked to were about 3 fish apiece, with a few getting more and some getting less. A couple of the "regulars" said that the flyfishing would turn on when it got colder. Perhaps, this is true. All of the fish I caught were stuffed with insects. I was truly amazed at the quantities of midges, chironimids, scuds, etc., not to mention the dragonflies and damselflies. It was like a cruise ship buffet for trout. When it cools off, I expect the amount of insect activity will slow and the flies will seem more attractive.

All in all it was a nice day; sunny and about 80F.

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