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Posted by Max Garth on 2005-08-08 20:11:20 in reply to Re: Experiments with GSP Biminis. posted by GES on 2005-08-08 11:23:56

I guess it depends on what you want. Remember I did these things in the 1993 era, and GsP braids were just running around. Also remember that I came out of the water sopping dacron era, and water drag was a serious probem. GsP seemed to be the cure for a lot of SWF's problems, but the knot strength was pathetic.
Then I found a thing called Stren Locknot for knots in Stren braid, which was 100% worse than GsP for knots but killed it for other things like abrasion resistance. Bad for UV though. Pity that, it was magic.
Then I went further and looked around for the best glue available and found loctite 406. They also have an oxidising agent which you put on the GsP first and it allows the glue to stick to the GsP. Neat that stuff, and there is a water proofing agent.
Eventually, because I wanted to use 30/40lb backing to keep the drag to minimums I decided to forget knots, it's not worth the time, and some of the suggested knots need the operator to be a double jointed acrobat anyway, and it's in the critical backing system, so I just stuffed it up 8 inches of 20lb braided mono, spliced the lot and added one drop of 406. It made a 100% loop on the end of the backing line, which was what I wanted, and the knot problem went out the window. I actually stuffed 120 feet of the backing line, in those days 40lb Spiderwire, up 20lb Gudebrod braided mono as a integrated running line/backing system. Fine until you get it reefed. VBG.
After that I simply did the same thing with with 120 feet of the braids and looped both ends.
As a running line in those days it beat the hell out of Cobra, or anything else, was no stretch, very low water drag and 100% which meant I could use 30lb backing and get a reasonable margin over the 10kg tippet. I was never going to pull 22lb anyway.
Over the years, and now BB, the Puce Punk, I just kept on doing it, with different lines, and now it's hollow GsP.
But that 50lb BB is expensive and 30lb is cheaper and now its 42lb+, but with the same diameter that 50lb GsP thing, which only covers up for the bad knots, which I don't use, goes out the window anyway.
Abrasion resistance USED to be related to diameter, because of the number of actual fibres in the carriers and the number of carriers and the weave rate, but with BB because it uses a more developed Dyneema yarn, much lower denier for the same strength, 30lb BB could be, I've never tested it, as abrasion resistant as the old 50lb stuff. So 30BB is about all you need to use, all else is superfluous.

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